Over 30 years experience in the Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington and Virginia area.

About Q.Williams Real Estate

The Q stands for Quay. A long time member of the real estate industry, Quay Williams began his career like most agents, working for a local broker. He worked his way through the ranks of career real estate professionals to achieve legendary status among his peers. Along with his unprecedented sales achievements, which include induction into the PGCAR Hall of Fame, he was known for his integrity and the quality of his work.

In 1991, Quay and his wife Peggy decided to open their own company and an affiliation with a national franchise began. Through his own efforts along with family and a growing cadre of quality agents, Quay built his company into one of the premier real estate companies in the region.

In December 2004, Quay passed away and the torch of leadership was passed to the next generation. Quay’s daughter, Karen Forsythe, assumed the helm of the company after working with him in the office since 1994. Continuing the theme of integrity and quality that Quay valued so highly, Karen has led the company, along with an outstanding management team, into the changing times of the real estate world.

In 2010, a decision was made to take the company independent. The new company name was changed to honor our founder and his dedication to the real estate industry. As we continue to build on our solid foundation, Q. Williams Real Estate Associates is well positioned to provide quality real estate services with honesty and integrity for years to come.

Located in Bowie, the second largest city in Maryland, Q. Williams Real Estate Associates is centrally located between Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis, Maryland with easy access to Northern Virginia.

The Q. stands for Quay. The Q also stands for quality, a standard we strive for daily.

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